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The Black Market Society is a place where everyday people get the financial literacy needed to upgrade their lives to luxury.

The Black Market Strategist

My main goal is to teach you How To Play Credit Cards, but the first steps towards credit card mastery is understanding the importance of financial literacy. A good credit score opens doors to favorable interest rates, higher credit limits, and various other financial benefits. Our parents weren’t much help for us in the financial department but we must be that for our children. When used wisely, credit cards serve as powerful tools for building credit and a luxury lifestyle. We will no longer be falling victims to bad credit. 

Cheat Sheet

These Cheatsheets are next level. All the hacks, direct links and step by step instructions to advance in one place.

1 on 1

Strategize with the Strategist

In this session we will create a strategic plan catered to your goals. I will provide a step by step checklist to guide you. There will be no more excuses for success.

Reviews & Testimonials


The customer service I received from Elle and her team in the beginning was amazing, they were exceptionally friendly & punctual, which made it a very pleasant first time experience. During my consultation with Elle, she was very informative & helpful, not only was she able to provide beneficial information of the topic of matter I wanted to discuss, but she provided steps to follow & implement to get to the goal I have in mind. I would say she is indeed passionate about what she does & she is the real deal & worth every dime. Thanks again Elle!

– Maggie S.

The Strategist is The Truth! She completely setup my business from start to finish. The only thing left for me to do is get a website and she also recommended a great developer for that. Her services are worth every dime.

-Ebony J

I previously had a credit consultation with Elle that went great last year and she helped boost my credit from a 620 to a 780 within 3 months. So when it was time for me to start my business I already knew who to call. I got the full package and she literally did it all in 2 days and I was even able to get a business credit card the same week with $1000 credit limit. I went to the bank and had everything I needed to open the business account and get the credit card.

-Andrew C