Accelerated Learning Program

Thriving Together and Creating Multiple Sources of Income.


Our Core Values


We’re dedicated to transforming minds so that we can minimize the most common financial problems people face.


We pride ourselves on forming a society that builds strong foundations and relationships that go above and beyond the call of duty.


We value getting the knowledge quickly so that we can play the games correctly and acquire as many assets as possible to live financially free and build generational wealth.


Our goal is that when everyone looks back on their journey, they see the evolutionary impact of The Black Market Society.

Why Choose Us ?

The Black Market Society operates on a No Man Left Behind policy. We will work with each BlackOp every step of the way as you climb the ranks on your mission.

Lieutenant – Credit Cleansed

This is the foundation stage.

Captain – Negative Debt Free

You must pay down all your negative debt to elevate. What’s considered negative debt? Any credit cards you have above 10% utilization is negative debt.

Major – 3 Types of Credit Cards Obtained

You must have secure all 3 types of credit cards secured to advance.

Colonel – 50K Club

You must have obtained 50K total in credit across the 3 types of credit cards.

General – Financially Free

You must have invested in a business completely funded by those credit cards thats making you passive income.

The Black Market Society